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Welcome to the School of Facility Management

The Kohinoor School of Facility Management (KSFM) is the newest addition to the growing educational programs offered by the Kohinoor Education Trust. KSFM was formed to address the need of the hour to increase the professionalism of the Facility Management service sector here in Mumbai and beyond. What is Facility Management you may be asking? Good question. Click (link to Resources page) here for a definition and examples.

The KSFM will offer a number of Facility Management related to serve this educational need. Recently Kohinoor School of Facility Management program signed a joint venture with the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) which represents over 23,000 Facility Management professionals from around the world. In collaboration with IFMA, KSFM will offer various credentialed programs for the working Facility Management professionals. KSFM is located at the Kohinoor Education Campus centrally located in Kurla, Mumbai, India.


“At Kohinoor, we believe in perpetual growth. All inclusive growth: growth of the individual; the family; the community; the society and the nation at large. And at the core of this growth lies Education. For more than half a century, Kohinoor has always strived to offer relevant education that will provide the impetus to this growth. Understanding emerging trends in the world around us and pioneering the design and implementation of educational courses that equip students with the career skills required to meet the challenges of the future has been our constant endeavor.

It a matter of pride that Kohinoor today is acknowledged as a leading institution that provides excellent education and “

Unmesh Joshi,
Chairman & Managing Director
Kohinoor Group

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